Website Translation

Neoplus Translation performs a wide range of professional translations on accounting, financial and legal documentation, multidisciplinary technical texts, medical documents, scientific and popular texts from abstracts to articles or extensive monographs, socio-journalistic, advertising and marketing materials. Our translators and interpreters working in Ahmedabad, India and around the world specialize in different areas of translation and ready to do translation for you as soon as possible in any possible area - from the loan agreement to the technical description of a spacecraft.

Website translation is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Website is a sort of face of the company and therefore it is particularly important that the translation is perfect. It is not just about the grammatical mistakes, but also the need to ensure the translation to match local cultural requirements, as well as linguistic and business characteristics of the target audience. Thus, simply a literal translation of the site is not enough; information should be adapted in order to eliminate the misunderstandings on the part of website users.

Creation of foreign-language version of the website is not limited to text translation; many other factors should also be taken into account. That's why the creation of a foreign-language version of the website is called localization.

Localization is a process of bringing the site into line with the customs, culture, professional groups, as well as perceptions of the target foreign audiences. Many of the concepts included in the text of the site should be adapted and contain keywords that are often different from those that could be obtained by direct translation.

For example, if there is a translation from Hebrew into Arabic then you need to take into account that these languages are written from right to left. Neoplus translation will do all that is necessary to consider and make appropriate changes in website design.