Medical Information Center

Our mission at Neoplus Team is to provide the highest quality medical information service to healthcare professionals and patients by ensuring all inquiries receive timely, accurate and medically sound responses, whilst meeting regulatory and legal requirements. Looking forward to receive your interest feedback for the Medical Information (PV Contact Center) service.

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Why us?

  • Communicating product information, including side effects, drug-drug interactions, usage, disease applications, and optimizing the effectiveness
  • Comprehensive contact center and reporting services
  • Development of frequently asked questions (FAQ) database for standard company responses to medical inquiries
  • Supporting challenging products—ones that are controversial, complex, or have not yet gained market acceptance
  • Timely, accurate, and consistent responses
  • Customer focus, friendly and professional service at all times
  • Compliance with external and internal standards including professional ethics
  • An effective and validated medical information query management database
  • Strategic support in developing and maintaining standard response documents across multiple therapeutic areas
  • Out of Hours service
  • Adverse events and complaints intake
  • Reconciliation, quality and compliance reporting

Features of Our Medical informative contact center: 

  • Setting up a client-customized Call Center
  • Call Support as per client’s need and
  • Dedicated team to process a large number of medical information requests
  • Global and Multilingual Support
  • Medical Information inquiry handling for one or more products
  • Trained and Qualified healthcare professionals
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Proper call response
  • Continuous training of agents/ medical information staff for client-specific processes
  • Comprehensive inquiry receipt, response/processing, and management
  • Ensuring implementation of appropriate quality control and assurance procedures

With a team of experienced pharmacists dedicated to patient safety and customer service, Neoplus offers a flexible, modular, multilingual Medical Information service, customized to your specific requirements.

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