E-learning & Multimedia

E-learning is expanding swiftly among the organizations that are looking forward to expanding globally. These days, employees are taught about the organization’s materials and training modules through presentation slides and videos.

To expand globally the hiring people across the world is a must and to make your global employers’ acquaintance with the company, the need for E-learning comes into the picture. To nurture the global talent in the native language will make things easier and understandable for them. To do this you need e-learning and multimedia translation services.

Why you need Localization of The Content?

MNC requires learning content to cater to the multicultural needs of learners spread all across the world. Considering this, there is a huge demand for translation services. We offer translation and localization services to create E-content as per the target culture and area. We are well equipped with a pool of native speakers and translators in almost all languages of the world. We can translate the content in multiple formats as per the need that includes audio, Flash, PDF, PowerPoint presentations, video, Word, amongst others.

If you are an organization that has taken up training through E-learning, you can be rest assured to receive the best E-learning translation services from us, that will help you to widen your reach. We have ISO and DIN certified translation service providers who follow strict quality standards.

Neoplus Translation offers a full suite of production services for multilingual video, eLearning, media production, voice-overs, film, and subtitling. Our expert linguists bring their native language skills, as well as particular industry experience, to make sure accurate and exceptional translations of your course materials. We offer you a dedicated project manager committed to communicating with you throughout your multimedia localization project.

For voice-overs or subtitling of flicks, television commercials, IVRS prompts, or corporate training videos, Neoplus translation hires native speakers who are professionally trained, skilled, and experienced at recording voice-overs. We provide you voice-over talent in 100 world languages that consist of Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Arabic.

Our services include:

  • eLearning modules

  • Voice-overs

  • Subtitling
  • IVRS prompts

  • Corporate training videos
  • Presentations