Voice Overs

We specialize in voice overs for eLearning, IVRs and other IT requirements.. Needless to say, we have a lot of experience in this field, having successfully handled large international projects as well.

Today, with the global village getting progressively smaller, newer markets are rapidly coming within reach. Many businesses want training materials and promotional materials localized for these markets (read voice overs) and many times these are not native English-speaking countries.

Finding Voice Overs In Different Languages Can Be a Problem!

So you are faced with the challenge of finding people who provide quality localization services, so that you can prepare your materials and campaign in the language of your target audience. While large enterprises may have the bandwidth and resources to find the right talent and service providers in those countries, this is not true for mid-sized or smaller companies, because they cannot match the former. So even if they have the video, where do they get the voice over done to localize it?

Here is where we come in because we have just the solutions that you need.

International Voice Overs

Having collaborated on international projects, we have established a wide network of audio and video professionals who can deliver quality voice overs with a quick turnaround time. And here is the amazing thing: we can deliver voice overs in any language you want!

Need just English? No problems! We can even deliver any accent: US English, UK English, Australian English or Neutral English accents.

Take a look below at vast choice of languages we can provide:

Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, and main Indian languages Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish Australian and New Zealand accents US English Brazilian Portuguese
Japanese, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Korean French, UK English Mexican Spanish
Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese German, Dutch Canadian French
Arabic, Farsi Polish, Russian, Romanian
English (Neutral accents) Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic