Subtitles are on time text that appears in a video. Though it is often associated with foreign flicks, besides translation, it can serve many purposes.

We have a team of skilled, professional video subtitling experts. Our experts deliver quality subtitling services and solutions to almost all businesses. Our subtitle professionals consider elements like tone, timing, iteration, punctuation, and emotions of the speaker before beginning to work on designing subtitles.

Also, our experts pay special attention to the accuracy of the translation, the length of the text, coordinating the subtitles with dialogues, etc, to get the highest quality. Our service is design in a way that every information, and dialogue, is clear and accurate. We pay special attention on increasing accessibility of the content by creating easy to understand and simple subtitles..

Why Neoplus?

  • ISO-certified quality management processes.
  • Superlative quality
  • Affordable pricing, cost-efficient processes.
  • Use most current subtitle rules and guidelines.
  • Has provided subtitling services to a wide range of industries.
  • Fastest turnaround time while ensuring delivery of high quality, premium subtitling, and translation solution
  • Treat our client’s files with the highest levels of confidentiality and security
  • In translation business, reputation is everything. Our final delivery is put through a rigorous process of quality control, ensuring the highest possible standards.

Our Subtitling Services Includes:

  • Social media and website subtitles

  • Video subtitling services

  • Online training, education, and learning subtitles

  • Promotion and advertising subtitles

  • Television and flick subtitling services

  • Broadcast subtitling services

  • Documentary subtitling services

  • Vimeo and YouTube subtitles

Subtitle File Formats that we support:

It is very important to select the right caption format as per your broadcaster or service provider requirements. We offer subtitles in a variety of formats:

  • Broadcast Subtitle Formats

.STL – .ESY – .X32 – .PAC – .CIN – .AYA – .890 – .XIF .CIP – .RAC – .CHK – .CAP – .ULT – .USF – .L32 – .TIT .ST4 / .ST7

  • Online Media Subtitle Formats

.SRT – .SSA – .VTT – .TTXT – .PSB – .RT – .SSF – .ASS .USF

Types Of Subtitling Services:

  • Subtitling Services for Movies: We offer subtitle translation services for all sorts of flicks and TV shows in the native language.
  • Interlingual Subtitling Services: In this service, our native experts translate the video content from one language into another. We create accurate subtitles in diverse languages considering the emotions, tone, clarity as well as understandability of the video. We also ensure the viewers feel like watching the content in their own language.
  • Foreign Footage Subtitling: Neoplus possibly delivers subtitling in all languages